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What time will you visit my pet?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee specific visit times. Pets that have two scheduled visits per day will be visited approximately 12 hours apart while pets with three scheduled visits will be seen approximately 8 hours apart.

If your pet requires a strict schedule, time specific arrangements may be made.  

If it is very hot or cold, will you still walk my dog?

​In extreme temperatures or weather, we will adjust our regular routine for your dog's comfort and safety. We give each dog a short relief walk and spend the rest of the visit indoors.

What happens if my pet becomes injured or ill?

​In the event of an emergency, we will take your pet to your preferred veterinarian or closest animal hospital and contact you or the emergency contact on file.  A member of our staff will stay with your pet until we receive instructions from you or your emergency contract.     

Why do you need copies of my keys?

To ensure smooth and easy access to provide service, we ask our clients to provide two sets of keys to access their homes. One set is given to your sitter/walker and the other is locked in our main office. Client keys and identifying information (names, addresses, etc) are never kept in the same place for security reasons.

Are you bonded and insured? 

Yes! See copies of our documents, at Insurance and Bonding.

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